Given all the free online marketing opportunities available today on social media like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc, I often get asked – does my business need a website?

In my opinion the answer is a resounding YES!

Let me tell you why you need a website:

The biggest reason is that you do NOT own any of your social media accounts on other sites. Facebook can delete your account in the blink of an eye over some infraction you did not realise you did.

And if Facebook doesn’t delete your account, it does change the rules all the time. If you have been paying copywriting bent paperclipattention recently, you will have noticed that your updates to your personal account and your updates to your Facebook Page are being seen by less and less people who have “friended” you or “liked” your Page, respectively.

Of course, you can spend $7 to sponsor a post on your personal account, and varying amounts (depending on how many “likes” your Page has over the minimum required for this option) to promote a post on your Page.

But all your Facebook efforts can be wiped out without any warning!

And the same goes for Twitter, LinkedIn, Amazon (yes, Amazon is a social media site if you are an author and/or if you post reviews), and any other site that you do not own.

This is why you want your own self-hosted website — a place not subject to the whimsical rule changes that you might inadvertently miss and then get in hot water over.

Your own self-hosted website is the home base for all your other online promotion efforts. If you have engaged with people on social media and encouraged them to visit your website, you have a contact with them that is not dependent on the whims of Facebook and other such sites.wordpress or wix bent paperclip

But not just any website will do.

Its important your website is:

  • Easy to read
  • Easy to understand
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Visually appealing

So if you need a new website, or want your current website reviewed, contact me now and let’s get started!