Public Relations

PR Strategy Development & Implementation

No matter the budget, we will work with you to ensure you meet and exceed your goals; whether it’s generating sales leads, raising your brand profile or making sure every aspect of your business reflects and reinforces your vision and values.

Community & Stakeholder Engagement

We work with clients to create positive public opinion to enable the delivery of a project effectively and with community support.
A range of community consultation processes are implemented to inform the development of a project, and ensure that communication is both accessible and informative in order to engage the community.

Media Relations

With strong relationships with a range of online and print media, we will develop media releases that promote your key messages and translate your business activities and events into newsworthy stories.
We will pitch stories to print and electronic media, and use our knowledge of how the media works to increase your exposure.

Internal Communications

We can do a full internal communication audit and look at how your business can communicate more effectively. This includes from the top down, and across different departments.  We can assist with the development of intranets, newsletters and other tools to ensure your organisation is working as one effective unit.