Marketing Services

Marketing Services

We provide a range of different marketing services to suit your business requirements.  For many businesses, it can be confusing as to exactly what ‘marketing’ means.

We take the confusion out of marketing, and leave you with a clear direction for your business!

Branding and Marketing Materials

Your brand is more than a logo, it’s the personality of your business.  Your brand will assist you when engaging new customers.   A strong brand can ensure the success of your services

It needs the flexibility to adapt to a changing market, with a consistency that speaks to your business values and vision. We can ensure the strength of your brand and create a presence that will support your business over the long term

Our team will sit down with you and talk through what it is you want.  We can help with:

  • Logo design and redesign
  • Analysis of your business name and tagline
  • Marketing plans to ensure you are doing the right thing
  • Analysis of your current marketing strategy
  • Design of all marketing material to reflect your branding

Promotional Campaigns

Our aim is to find exciting and innovative ways to promote your business, from events to publicity campaigns.  We think outside the square so that the audience remembers your brand.