Can you guarantee me coverage on TV shows?

We have strong contacts within the major TV networks, which has helped us secure some great coverage for our clients. Coverage across any media can never be guaranteed, including TV.

What makes Nerdy Marketing different?

We become part of your company and do not just act as an external freelancer. We get involved in your business and work beside you in developing your brand and have the skills and the contacts necessary to make your business stand-out.

What can public relations do for my brand?

Public relations can get your brand ‘out there’. Good public relations can greatly increase brand awareness through media coverage, a strong online presence through blogs and social media, and a specialised communication strategy with your target market.

No one can find my website, what am I doing wrong?

There are millions of websites out there, its a busy online world.  There are a range of tools to increase the visibility of your website including Search Engine Optimisation, online advertising and social media.

A website can be a powerful tool, but you do need to work to ensure it is found by prospective clients/customers!

I have a Facebook page, why do I need a Social Media strategy?

Having a Facebook page is just the start of social media.  Social Media is regularly engaging with your target audience – both current and prospective through a range of tools including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIN, blogs etc.  It is one of the strongest forms of communication and customer service, people are already talking and social media allows you to respond immediately to the talk.

What is ‘internal’ communications?

Internal public relations refers to communication that occurs within the business. This includes things from employee communication and engagement to CEO speechwriting and leadership.

I’m a small business. Do you only offer PR services for large firms?
PR & Social Media 101 offers services to business of all sizes to develop your brand to your target audience and help you secure media coverage.