When I had one child, I thought balancing motherhood and work was EASY.  I dropped him off at daycare a couple of times a week and made things happen with my business and clients.   On my off days I was a mum, occasionally checking emails and updating Facebook posts or blogging.mumpreneur life

Then I fell pregnant with number two, and I noticed towards the end of my pregnancy that it was starting to get harder juggling the discomfort of late pregnancy with a toddler and a business.  But I kept on working with clients and running my workshops (one workshop I was 37 weeks pregnant, insane or legend?).

However now that I have a second baby who is not quite ready for daycare (in my opinion) it’s getting harder.  When the toddler is asleep I don’t have those evening hours to work, as baby wants a feed or is unsettled.   My days off are now two kids wanting attention which means I can’t put a movie on for my 3 year old and get work done as the baby wants attention!

I work at an amazing coworking space Make Place and the team have been so supportive of my mumpreneur journey, allowing my baby to come into the space.

However, sometimes I have to call ‘time out’.  This mumpreneur gig is HARD WORK.  I don’t get time out anymore, going to work with a baby means I’m either feeding, changing nappies or playing with my baby and then working like a crazy lady while he sleeps.mumpreneur business

But saying that, I wouldn’t change it for the world!  I have now taken time for me by returning to yoga and allowing myself to breathe.

I’m also connecting with other women and mumpreneurs who support the idea that motherhood and business don’t have to be separate.  Only today I had a meeting with a potential client while breastfeeding my baby.

What is the meaning of this blog post?  I want to remind everyone that 2016 is a different world.  We can combine motherhood and work, I can take my baby to work and breastfeed in a meeting or my workmates and colleagues can take him for a walk in the pram and allow me to get some work done!

I also want to remind mumpreneurs (and women in general) that we are amazing, but we don’t have to do EVERYTHING!  It really does take a village, and in this case my village is some amazing local businesses and organisations like Perth Girl Bosses and League of Extraordinary Woman.